Sunday, July 14, 2013

Crawdad Fest

Every year we have gone camping up near Strawberry Reservoir and taken part on what has become called as the Crawdad Fest.  We had a great time camping with family and friends.  
View from the campsite.
We arrived Friday evening and enjoyed hanging around the fire.
The next morning Karl and my Brother-in-law Andy went fishing.

I stayed at camp with the kids but we got rained on that morning so some of the kids took cover in my sister's trailer and watched a movie.
The rain didn't last long and the kids were outside enjoying nature.
Fischer found this stick and was playing with it most of the morning

Griffin really enjoyed this piece of watermelon during lunch
 After lunch, Karl, I and kids went down to the lake.
Fischer enjoyed throwing rocks in the lake and watching the dogs chase after them.


While at the lake Andy and some of the crew came floating by.
We then decided to head back to camp to let the kids play and help with dinner.
Dinner consisted of crawdads that were caught earlier in the day as well as sausage, shrimp, scallops, corn, and potatoes

of course it wouldn't be camping without peeing on a bush.

 Fischer made lots of new friends

 Griffin had fun with everyone.

 That night Shane entertained us with some of his fire tricks.

He even got the kids and grownups involved.
Since it's a bit hard to see, the first video is of Shane's hand on fire while he shakes Fischer's hand.
This video is of Karl blowing a fire ball.
This last video is of Shane showing all the guys how a true fireball is done.

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Craig and Lori said...

That looks SO fun! You're super brave to take the kids camping!!