Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter, Part 1

Today we had the pleasure of participating at the annual Easter egg hunt held at the Legacy Center where Karl's Grandma, Clara lives. 
We were lucky enough to catch a picture of Fischer and the Easter Bunny before the Easter Egg hunt started.
Fischer was ready to go as we were waiting for the Easter egg hunt to start.
Let the egg finding begin! 
After the hunt was over of course we had to expect the eggs 
Fischer and his cousin Kinsley got to hunt eggs together since they were in the same age category. 
And of course we had to get a picture of our family 
Then we had to get a picture of all the kids... 
 and everyone at the hunt (minus Grandpa Mike who was taking the picture) 
Afterwords we went up to Clara's apartment to visit for awhile.  While there Clara walked out in the hall with the kids to show them all the decoration and let them run around.  Each resident had decorated their door area.  It was really fun to see what everyone did.  This particular door was Fischer's favorite.  This gentleman had placed a gumball machine with candy in it.  He then placed a little soup can on the floor with pennies in it with a note on the top of the gumball machine telling people to please help themselves. 
This was Fischer pointing out the candy to Dad. 
Watching Dad turn the handle 
Digging into the candy 
He was so excited about it he then turned to tell me about it.  Mouth full of candy of course. 
I loved this shot of Fischer and his Dad walking down the hall together.  They're pretty good pals.  
Before we left we had to get a picture of  Grandma Great and all the kids. 
Thanks Clara for inviting us in the fun and letting us play at your place for a bit. 

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