Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Lil' Dragster

So Fischer has taken up a new hobby....Drag Racing.  Yup that's right.  He's an animal too, no fear.  Take a look for yourself.
This is him playing "chicken" with Gus.  Needless to say Gus chickened/moved first.
Start your engines! (Dad made for a great engine)
The Finish Line 
Fischer sportn' his Hot Rod


Brooke said...

What a crazy man! Looks like fun Fischer! Guess I need to buy you a helmet for your birthday!

Parker and Jes said...

You're going to be in big trouble when he gets his license :) Gus had better watch out! (Looks like Sadie was smart enough to stay out of the way!)

theAley-ens said...

My boys still love to that, but now they push around each other! Fischer is getting so big! I love his cute spikey hair!