Friday, October 22, 2010

10 Months

I can not believe my baby is 10 months old.  I feel like I'm watching a movie in fast forward with him.  I blink and I miss something.  Everyday I go get him in the morning he just seems that much older.  Fischer is SO much fun.  He is one of the happiest babies.  Always giggling about something.  He finds humor in everything.  I sure love that little boy.  Here are some fun facts about this past month.
  • You got not one but two teeth that came in.
  • You like to give "fives" to mom and dad. 
  • You're starting to learn how to wave bye-bye.
  • You giggle all the time.
  • You've started to crawl (backwards).
  • You've started to walk with assistance.
  • You had the case of Roseola. 

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