Saturday, December 31, 2016

All Things Christmas

The month of December was filled with lots of fun Christmas festivities.  We started the month getting to have breakfast with Mr. and Mrs. Claus at our ward party. We are really lucky to have the "real" Santa live so close to us.  The kids get to see him every Sunday and although he often goes to the North Pole, his everyday home is around the corner.  The kids love them and they love the kids.

Drake wasn't so sure about either Mr. or Mrs. Clause and was not happy about having to sit on their lap.  However, once he received the candy cane he decided they weren't so bad and waved bye to them as they left. 
Later in the month both the kids school put on a Christmas Program.
Griffin was the cutest little elf

Drake loved putting and pulling ornaments off the tree all month long.  
When Christmas finally came around we had no shortage of fun.  We spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family.  We did dinner and played some "raindeer" game.
The object of the first game was to see how many balloons you could get in the nylons to create antlers. The family with the longest antlers won.
 As you can see it was pretty close between the three families.
Karl, Glenn and Andy.
 The kids LOVED the balloons and "antlers"  they all were getting a kick out of it.

 Griffin was enjoying the balloons in other ways.  He ran around the house yelling "look at my big belly!"  even though his balloon placements were not exactly in the belly region we let him think so.
This next game required each player to wiggle 12 table tennis balls and one bell out of a Kleenex box.  I had to say I was quite impressed with Karl's moves. He won.
Griffin tried so hard but just couldn't get his wiggles to work but he sure was cute trying.
After the games my mom had stuff out for the kids to make little gingerbread houses.  Griffin was the only one that actually managed to get a house together out of my kids.  The other two just enjoyed eating the candy.
I tried to get a good picture of all the boys in their Christmas PJ's but anyone that has had a houseful of boys knows it's impossible to get a picture with everyone looking at you and if you do someone is bound to pull a silly face.
 Fischer wanted to leave a note for Santa next to the plate of cookies.  He even drew a picture of him and Santa holding hands.
 The biggest of the kids (AKA: Dad) tried waiting up for Santa but just couldn't.
 Mom however was smart and set up a hidden camera.
Santa didn't disappoint and showered the boys with gifts.
The kids loved their presents.  We were also lucky to have my sister and parents stop by that morning for breakfast.
Drake enjoyed climbing on all the boxes rather then actually opening them.

That night we met up with the Christensen's where we got to enjoy dinner and exchange gifts. Joyce had all the kids dress up in costume and  reenact the story of the birth of Jesus.

Griffin played Joseph

This little angel came to see what I was up to on my phone

Fischer played one of the wise men

 The kids loved getting to open gifts and Grandma Joyce spoiled them.
 Drake even got into the unwrapping this time around.

It was fun night and I'm glad we got to be with most of our family.  We missed those who couldn't be with us but they were never far from our hearts.

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Brooke said...

Those games at your mom's look like so much fun! I'm so glad you had a good Christmas, the boys are at such fun ages to enjoy it!