Tuesday, July 26, 2016

All About Griffin

We love our Griffin boy.  He sure has a way of keeping life entertaining around here. 
The other morning I found Griffin in my room with nothing but his mask and cape.  When I asked him where his clothes were he replied, "Mom, superheros don't need clothes."
Griffin has also been big into the Ninja Warrior show.  He likes to create his own Ninja warrior obstacles.  

He's also determined that the only outfit that he is okay to were is his grey "soccer" shirt and shots that he got from Costco.  I finally broke down and bought another outfit the exact same so I could wash one while he wore the other.  It isn't uncommon to see him wearing the SAME outfit in a bunch of different pictures.  Some battles just aren't worth the fight, this being one of them.  Come school, might be a different story but for now he is happy and content.  We love you Griffin. 

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