Sunday, June 26, 2016

Air Show

Yesterday, Karl and I took the boys to the Hill Air Force Base Air Show.  I had never been to one and it was awesome. The boys were in awe of the tricks and stunts and Fischer kept asking, "how do they do that?"  Karl kept saying he went into the wrong profession and was curious what it would cost to ride along.  Guess even grown up boys are always kids at heart.  The stunts these planes do is amazing.  It's a bit of a picture overload but we really enjoyed the show.
We started our day by taking the Frontrunner train. The boys were excited to get to ride the train.
 Since we arrived a bit early we were able to stop and look at some of the different planes they had on display.  Fischer thought it was super cool that you could go inside a few of them.

Sitting in one of the cargo planes

This plane was SO big.  I couldn't get a picture of it all unless I was WAY back.

 The show started with some fun high flying sky divers.

Karl was so good to lift the kids up so they could see one of the events where a plane raced against a car

Drake was so cute playing "peek-a-boo" behind the stroller

Karl had gotten the kids slushies. Griffin had a blast feeding Drake.
Karl and I loved this number.  It was their Heritage piece.  It was a side by side of the same plane back in the 60s and now. It was cool to hear about the facts of the planes and how they have evolved.   

 Watching all the different planes go by gets a bit exhausting.

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Brooke said...

It looks like so much fun! I really want to go sometime! Glad you were able to have a fun day as a family!