Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Clara's 100th Birthday Party

Karl's Grandmother Clara turned 100 last week. I absolutely adore this woman. I'm so blessed that I married into such a wonderful family and get to claim her as my own.  She is so amazing and just a joy to be around.  When I was asked to do the cake (okay I basically told them I was doing a cake) I knew I wanted to make a cake as special as her.   The flowers were handmade out of gum-paste, the silhouettes were created and cut carefully out of fondant.
Cake flavors: Coconut cake w/coconut cream frosting; chocolate cookies and cream cake; Lemon cake w/strawberry buttercream; white cake with purple buttercream.
 The family all came together to decorate, prepare food and have a good time.

Clara was so funny, when asked how it felt to be 100 she replied, "no different then when I turned 50."  This woman has more spunk then most 30 year olds.  She has such an amazing life story and doesn't let anyone or anything get her down.
Clara and I  
Happy Birthday Clara. We sure love you!  Thanks for letting us share in this amazing day with you.

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