Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Clara's 100th Birthday Party

Karl's Grandmother Clara turned 100 last week. I absolutely adore this woman. I'm so blessed that I married into such a wonderful family and get to claim her as my own.  She is so amazing and just a joy to be around.  When I was asked to do the cake (okay I basically told them I was doing a cake) I knew I wanted to make a cake as special as her.   The flowers were handmade out of gum-paste, the silhouettes were created and cut carefully out of fondant.
Cake flavors: Coconut cake w/coconut cream frosting; chocolate cookies and cream cake; Lemon cake w/strawberry buttercream; white cake with purple buttercream.
 The family all came together to decorate, prepare food and have a good time.

Clara was so funny, when asked how it felt to be 100 she replied, "no different then when I turned 50."  This woman has more spunk then most 30 year olds.  She has such an amazing life story and doesn't let anyone or anything get her down.
Clara and I  
Happy Birthday Clara. We sure love you!  Thanks for letting us share in this amazing day with you.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell
Me how you created the silhouettes

Val said...

I created the picture I wanted and then print it on thin paper placed a thin rolled out piece of fondant on greased wax paper then placed the picture on top and traced it out with an exacto knife. Then I could lift the cut out wax paper and place on cake and peel wax paper off. You just have to make sure if doing writing that it is the mirrored image so that when it’s placed on the cake it comes out the way you want it.

Wenni Donna said...

Clara's 100th Birthday Party!! Oh my goodness, it was super interesting. I am so lucky to see these photos from her birthday. The cake is amazing. In fact all the d├ęcor is really chic. It looks like a little girl’s birthday party and I think was completely perfect. Would be hosting the best party venue NYC for my own grandmother’s 70th birthday and definitely going to copy your party entirely!