Saturday, November 14, 2015

Batman Party

Today we celebrated Fischer's 6th Birthday with his friends. With selling the house and a potential move I wasn't sure we would be in this house to celebrate with his friends near his actual birthday so we did it early.
Fischer wanted a Batman Birthday Party.  So I did my best to decorate for his theme.

 I decided to have most of the games set up in our own Bat Cave (AKA: Basement)

 I didn't go all out with a cake due to so many showings of the house but I did manage to pull of these batman themed cupcakes.
 Once his friends arrived we all went down to the bat cave where I welcome the kids and asked them if they would like to become superheros.  They all said yes. So I explained that to become a superhero there were a series of test and skills they would need to master before they could obtain Superhero status.
The first test was to test their accuracy.
 Each child was blindfolded and then spun around 6 times.  They were then required to place the bat icon on the chest of the poster.

 Needless to say Fischer was a little off in the accuracy test.
 Griffin was the first to place his bat in the proper position.
 The next skill was to test the children's strength and speed in our stomp the bad guy challenge.  With each bad guy (aka: Balloon) they stomped they were rewarded with a treat (a piece of candy was placed in each balloon)
 It was really fun seeing the kids get into it.

 Our next test of skill was to test each child's aim in our Vaporize the Villain Challenge.
Villains consisted of Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Joker, Penguin, Cat Woman, Two Face, and Riddler. 
 Before they could vaporize the villain they needed to know who the enemies were. I educated them on each of the villains and what they did.
With Vaporizing Sting (aka: silly string) the kids were ready to test their aiming skills.

 After our series of test we decided our superheros in training needed a break so we headed upstairs, opened presents, and had cupcakes.

 It wasn't long after cupcakes that a special guest made a surprise appearance.  BATMAN! He finished the training off by explaining to each of the kids what it means to be a true superhero.  He explained that being a superhero isn't just about fighting bad guys but it's about being nice to those around you, being a friend to everyone.  He gave them examples such as opening doors for someone and sitting next to a kid who may be lonely.
 Batman then presented each kid with a cape and mask and declared them superhero ready.

 Once all our superheros were caped and masked Batman left to save the day elsewhere. The kids waved and saw him off as he drove off on his Batcycle.

Party favors were then handed out and the kids left to go home. All in all it was a great party.  Fischer was thrilled about Batman coming and his friends all seemed to have a good time.


Brooke said...

It all looks like it turned out so well! I bet those boys were totally in awe to be meeting the real Batman! Great job mom!

Laurie Mecham said...

That looks like so much fun!