Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer Fun

Wow!  This summer is FLYING by.  I know it's really only been a couple weeks since I posted things onto the blog but it seems like so much has happened in that short time.  My sister and her family were in town so we've been busy enjoying the company of family we don't see often.  Here is a recap of just some of the things we have been doing the past couple weeks.

We have been spending some time hanging out with Grandma Kate and Grandpa Brian (My Parents).
 Grandpa pulled out the four wheeler so the kids could take took turns going for a a ride.
 The kids had a great time being silly and dressing up.

We had a picnic and enjoyed food truck Tuesday in Eagle Mountain. Everyone got to pick what they wanted to eat.

 Afterwords the kids played duck duck goose.
 and decided to "doggie" pile on top of hunter.

The family decided to drive up to Peoa and visit my grandparents.  It's been a long time since I've been to my grandma and grandpa's house.  Usually when we have family gatherings we are at a banquet hall so it was fun to show the kids the house I remember playing and having fun at as a kid.
Picture with great grandparents
 My grandparents house has a ditch that runs in front of their property.  The kids LOVED playing in it and seeing if they could find/catch little fish.
 Seeing my kids walking and sticking their feet in the water reminded me of the many times I did that exact thing with my cousins and siblings

My niece Alyson come over so I could teach her how to make fondant flowers.  She needed to learn a new skill to pass off a goal in her personal progress book for church. She had mentioned an interest in learning so we had her come over and made an afternoon of it. 

 I though she did such an amazing job.  It was fun getting to hang out with my oldest niece.  Its not often she and I get to hang out with them living so fat away so it was nice catching up with her and doing something fun.

For the 24th, we got together at my parents for dinner and fireworks.  Cristy and her family were leaving for home the next day so we wanted to hang out, say our goodbyes, and wish them a safe trip. It'll probably be awhile before we get to play and visit with them again. 

We love our family and I love that my kids are building friendships with their cousins that I hope will last a lifetime. 


Brooke said...

So fun to watch kids make memories with family. It looks like you were able to enjoy their visit with lots of fun activities! I can't believe summer is going to be over in a couple weeks!

Brooke said...

Oh and I can't believe I forgot to say what a great job Alyson did on her cake! Her flowers look great! She had an amazing teacher!