Thursday, January 15, 2015

Brave Knight

Fischer had his 5 year checkup with the doctor today.  He was really nervous about going since he knew he would have to get the final set of shots needed to start kindergarten in the fall. On the way to the doctor he told me, "I don't like going to the doctor.  Every time I go my heart goes thump thump thump and tells me, you need to get out of here!"  For needing three sets of shots, he did really well, He needed me to hold him when they did them, but once it was over he was fine.  I told him we would stop at the dollar store after and let him pick out a prize for being tough about it.  When we got there he found this armor and shield (the sword we already had at home) and he had to have it since he was a like a brave knight at the doctors.

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Brooke said...

Such a tough knight! Glad you have those shots out of the way now!