Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

I LOVE Valentine's Day.  For me it is an opportunity to reflect on all those I love.  It also gives me an excuse to be extra cheesy and lovey-duffy to those around me.
Fischer and Griffin sporting there new "Ladies Man" Valentine shirts
Puppy Love
These boys sure love each other.
Valentine's wouldn't be complete without Valentine's cookies.
Our Romantic Dinner for four
Dessert consisted of a chocolate Fudge Brownie cake.
When Karl came home he surprised me with these balloons and flowers.

Griffin had a fun time playing with the balloons.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Brooke said...

2 dozen flowers? Your gift must have made an impression! ;)
It looks like a great day of love! Happy Valentine's Day!

*The Thomas 3* said...

Your boys are so darling! That cake looked fantastic as well!