Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Santa Claus

Yesterday I took the kids to see Santa Claus.  We got there early and were one of the first in line.  Santa was so cute with the kids.  Since we were early and Santa's little helpers weren't quite ready, he came and visited with the children.  When Fischer and Griffin got up to sit on his lap there wasn't anyone else waiting so Santa sang some songs and told the boys about each of his reindeer and a little bit about their personalities. It was really cute to watch the two boys interact with him and have Santa take the time to interact with them too.  We know he gets busy listening to all the kids request for Christmas but I was really glad that he took a few minutes to make this experience a special one for them.


Brooke said...

They are both so cute!!

Linda Liebhardt said...

What a fun Santa experience!!