Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tender Conversation

I had the cutest conversation with my almost three year old today as we were driving to his sitters. We were playing I spy and one of the things I spied was a church. So I asked Fischer if he saw the church and the rest of our conversation went as follows:

Fischer: Jesus house!
Me: Is the Church Jesus House?
F: Yup
Me: is that where we go to learn about Jesus?
F: yup, baby Jesus in there
Me: oh, really, I think Baby Jesus is now a grown man but we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas, So we’re celebrating Jesus’ birthday
F: candle, blow, me help.
Me: I’m sure if Jesus was blowing out candles he would let you help
F: (All Serious-like) Jesus Sick
Me: Jesus Sick?
F: yeah
F: me sad, me cry
Me: You mean Jesus was hurt when they nailed him to the cross and he suffered for our sins? You know he did that because he loves you right?
F: yeah, me sad, me cry.
Me: I’m sure we were all sad and cried when it happened.
F: All better now!
Me: Jesus is all better?!
F: Yup.
Me: Fischer do you remember Jesus in Heaven?
F: Yup.
Me: Did you talk to him and tell him things?
F: Yup, Griffin too!
Me: Oh yeah, what did you talk about?
F: Fly rod and golf clubs
Me: (laughing), Did you asked him for a fly rod and golf clubs?
F: Yup
Me: Well kid looks like Heavenly Father sent you to the right family then.
F: Yeah.

All I have to say is I sure love that kid.


Jen said...

Oh, that is so cute! What a testimony he has!

Brooke said...

He sure is cute, makes you wonder what they know.

*The Thomas 3* said...

We gotta hold on as tight as we can Val! They are growing up right before our eyes! He's so sweet!