Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kaylee & Nick's Wedding

On July 21st we got the pleasure of celebrating Kaylee and Nick's wedding.  The bride was beautiful, the groom was smiling from ear to ear.  We are so happy for the two of them.
The day started with the wedding ceremony at Jordan River Temple.  It was really beautiful to see these two get married for time and all eternity.  It reminded me of the day Karl and I made those same covenants and promises. 
Afterwords we had a luncheon at a local church 

Fischer was patiently waiting for his food.
The kids decided to play a game of ring around the rosies.
 Later that night we all met up at the Carmelle Reception Center for the Reception.  

Fischer was nice enough to hold my shoes for me throughout the night.  After pictures I actually changed into  some sandals. 

Fischer gave this wedding two thumbs up

Going after the garter.

A three generation Christensen shot.

Blowing  bubbles at the bride and groom.

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