Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday Night Golfing

For our Family Night we decided to do something our family enjoys, Golfing.  This was Fischer's first round of golf.  He LOVED it.
Fischer loved the golf car.  He thought it was so fun.  Karl even let him drive.

 Fischer was good to make sure to tell his Dad where all the holes were.  This is him pointing one out. When we would leave to go to the next hole Fischer would shout out, "bye hole."

 Watching Dad show him how it is done.
 Taking a big swing for himself.
 Fischer got pretty attached to Karl's putter.  Since Karl forgot to bring my clubs for Fischer to play with, he was without a putter and was forced to putt with one of his wedges.  
 Hole in One! Anytime Fischer would put his ball in the hole he would throw his arms up and either shout "Yes!" or "Yay!" 
We had a great time out on the golf course.  Fischer did awesome and I see him becoming quite the little golfing buddy for his dad.

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Tyler said...

So fun! Ihes officially golfed more than me!,