Friday, December 2, 2011

New Traditions

I really wanted to start some traditions in our home that focused on the true meaning of Christmas; the Birth of Christ our Savior.  This year has been the first year I've really been able to implement them.  I have to say I'm loving these little traditions and Fischer seems to enjoy them so far.
Good Deed Manger
My father-in-law was nice enough to make this little manger for me.  Every time Fischer does something good, or ask for something nice he gets to take a piece of Hay (yarn) and put it in the manger.  The goal is that by doing good deeds we make a soft bed for baby Jesus to lay his head.  I LOVE this.  Fischer has really seemed to catch on and loves to be able to place hay in the manger for Baby Jesus.

Best Gift of All
For the past few year's I've looked around my house for a good place to put the manger scene.  I'm hoping at some point I will get a really nice manger but that will have to wait until my kid(s) are grown up enough to not break it.  So in the mean time, Fisher Price's Little people Manger is what we use. Besides, Fischer loves playing with the little pieces.   What better place to have a manger setting then under the tree.  After all, Christ truly was the best gift we will ever receive.

3 Gifts
This year we have asked Santa that he only bring three gifts for Fischer.  For starters, we didn't feel like he needed more then that with grandparents and other family around.  The meaning behind the three gifts...the Christ child received three gifts from the three kings. 
I'm looking forward to continuing these traditions as we add to our family.  I hope that by doing so, we will always remember what Christmas is about.

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