Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ghost Circle

I'm always looking for cute decorations I can make without having to spend alot of money. I wanted something for outside and I remember seeing a picture one time of these little ghost that people had placed in a circle. It's kind of stuck with me so I decided I was going to make my own ghost circle to go around my little tree in my front yard.
To make your own ghost you'll need the following items:

Dowels (you'll need a dowel for each ghost you want to make.  I made 3)
Styrofoam ball (for each head)
1 1/2 yard of fabric for each ghost (a bed sheet will work too)
Ribbon (Optional)
Permanent Marker
Glue Gun

Take your dowel and make a hole in your Styrofoam ball.  Add hot glue and glue the dowel inside the ball.  
Take your sheet or material and fold it diagonally so that it forms a triangle type shape. Don't worry if your material doesn't line up exactly. 
Place your dowel with the head inside the fabric and place an elastic around the the base of the dowel just below the head 
Add eyes, mouth or whatever facial feature you would like.  I just did the eyes.  For added effect I tied a bow around the neck.  
Place the dowels into the ground and tie the long ends (hands) together. Wala, you have a cute ghost circle. 

If you decide you don't like the circle you could always just do a line of ghost and place them along the sidewalk or entrance way of your house.  The possibilities are endless. 


Brooke said...

They turned out really cute!

Craig and Lori said...

Love them!! What a easy, fun idea!!

Jess said...

That's so cute!!! I love it!

Parker and Jes said...

You are SO talented! Every time I check your blog you are doing such cute things! I probably won't get around to it this year, but next year I will definitely need to make some ghosties for my yard!

Sarah Carroll said...

Those turned out great! So fun!