Monday, November 22, 2010

11 Months

Today my not so little baby is 11 months old.  It has been such a fun month. Fischer has become more wiggly and mobile then ever.  He rolls ALL over the place making diaper changes extremely difficult.  He finds humor in everything and  brings so much life and joy into our home.  Each day I spent with him I realize how lucky I am to be a mother to such a special little spirit.  Here are some fun facts this past month.
  • For whatever reason, he thinks bumbing his head is funny.
  • He can pull himself into a sitting possition.
  • He dances and sings to music.
  • He's a major "talker"  I swear he is the loudest kid in church.  He appearently has lots of stories to tell.
  • He can pull to a stand in the tub and his crib. 


Parker and Jes said...

Why do they grow so fast?! So glad you are loving every moment.

Kaylee said...

I can't believe he is only 1 month away from being a year old! He is so cute and it is so fun to see him grow up!

Ty and Mari said...

that is how brad tells you he loves you I swear... he bumped his head into your leg or something... crazy boys