Thursday, July 22, 2010

7 Months

Fischer is 7 months going on 7 years. Okay so not quite like that, but that little boy is sure determined to do things his own way. He thinks he needs to feed himself with his own spoon (which makes for a VERY messy dinner time), hold his own bottle (which would be great if he would hold it up so he can actually get milk out of it), and sit on his own. If he could figure out how to walk he would be. Fischer is a kid that likes to be on the go. He is CONSTANTLY moving, checking things out wanting to be part of everything. If you're eating dinner and he's not at the table with you, be prepared for a fit. He loves to be involved and I love that he wants to be. I enjoy watching his progress has he figures new things out everyday. I never imagined i could love such a little man as much as I love Fischer. He brings so much joy to my life and my heart. One little grin and I'm hooked all over again. I love that kid, more so then I thought was ever humanly possible. Here are some fun facts from this past month.

*He can sit on his own without assistance
*If he's lying down he tries with all his might to try and sit up. So he constantly looks like he's doing little stomach crunches.
*the bald spot on the back of his head from him scooting around is starting to have hair grow back.
*He's in size 2-3 shoes
*He likes to dance or shake his body when a good song plays. It's quite funny.
*He's extreamly ticklish on his back near the armpit area.
*Balloons are the COOLEST. Let him play with a balloon and you are in for a sure giggle fit.
*He's started to give real "loves" or "hugs" which Momma just adores and can't get enough of.


Brooke said...

Watch out! We have one of those 7 year olds at our house and he can be quite mouthy!
We love you Fischer, you are getting big so fast!

About Me said...

Sounds like Sawyer! I am having this flash forward of the two of them planning some evil plot against us involving duct tape and easy cheese! ;o) They are going to have fun together. Kind of like us- just boy style.